About Me

I am a relatively self taught artist. I use the word relatively because up to the age of 16  I did art in school, but was not that good at it, I just scrapped by a pass in my country's art exams. Due to emotional upheaval in my early 20's I picked up a paint brush, some acrylic paints and a canvas, and with some very talented and encouraging artys friends started to paint. Since then my art skills have improved and I have created paintings in acrylic, oil and watercolour, illustrated few books and learned how to paint digital (which was required for book illustration)- Portfolio.

  One day in 2011 I was looking at a craft magazine and I saw a  little sculpture made of wool using wool that looked like the wool I had been seeing in our town's art & craft shop which had been catching my eye. So the next time I was in the area I bought a few grams of the stuff, went home, got my sewing needle and began to stab it. Nothing happened. I read the article again, did some research online, back then there was very little on this thing called needle felting in english.  But I did discover I need a needle felting needle with barbs and not a sewing needle :) . Later that year I opened my etsy shop as I had to do something with the little (and they were very little) birds I was making.

 A few years later, with life happening I decided to concentrate on felting .

After the pandemic years a little felting burnout was happening, and in 2023 started to explore shrink plastic. Due to the equipment I "needed" this resulted in my exploring resin and also sticker making. Which brings us to here and why in my shop there are more things than just needle felting art.


 Thank you for stopping by and reading this.

  I hope you enjoy my work ♥