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Needle Felted Ornaments

Needle Felted Ornament are made by stabbing wool with a barbed felting needle to create a wool felt, but just in the shape of an ornament or painting. Thus these needle felted creations and hardy and can last for years

General care 
Most my decorations are hard felted, however if they are touched a lot they can get fuzzy from the wool touched.  If that happens you can take small manicure-type scissors and very carefully trim the fuzz.

Dust - if your ornament gets dusty you can very gently use a key board vacuum to remove the dust.  You may also be able ti use a soft watercolour paintbrush and gently brush the dust off.
*Using  a damp cloth to remove dust may cause the dust to smear and stick to the wool.

Dirt - If for some reason you get a mark that will not blow off and the felt ornament is "hard" and not soft, you can take a clean damp cloth or paper towel and gently  blot the area to try and remove the mark.  Scrubbing that mark will result it the wool becoming fuzzy.

Water- if you wool ornament become wet or damp, it is very important that is it completely dried.  Like all materials being left damp or wet will result in mold forming.  They can be dried by first gently blotting them with paper towels and then leaving them out in the sun or a warm/hot window sill.  It is important not to squeeze and prod the wool to much as you will then "wet" felt it.

Moths and other insects - I like all wool items moths can eat a needle felted ornament.  So if they are out in open and not protected it  would be good to have something that keeps the moths away such a lavender sachets around.

  •Long hair wool

example of long hair wool in the skirt

 If your needle felted ornament has long hair, as seen in the ballerina's skirt use a large needle to gently untangle and comb out the fibers.

Using a comb or a brush may put of the fibers of your ornament.
It is best not to play with long hair fibers as they will naturally want to mat/ tangle.



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